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Phlebotomy Classes Start April 02, 2019-April 25, 2019

  • Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm-7pm

Phlebotomy Classes Start April 30, 2019-May 16, 2019

  • Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-4pm

Phlebotomy Classes Start April 30, 2019-May 23, 2019

  • Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-10pm

Phlebotomy Classes Start May 28, 2019-June 20, 2019

  • Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm-7pm

Phlebotomy Classes Start June 25, 2019-July 18, 2019

  • Classes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-4pm, Week of 4th of July off

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Health Training Services is proud to offer a fully immersive program that teaches a student to draw blood through the art of venipuncture. Enrollment begins one month prior to the start of the class and continues up to the day the class starts.

Course Description:

This course deals with the study of phlebotomy, different techniques of blood collection, and special collection methods/preparations. Students will also learn the anatomy of veins and arteries and be introduced to the broad concepts of Law and Ethics as they pertain to the medical field. As part of the regular training and instruction of the course, the students will apply the information they receive in the lecture part of the class to hands-on, supervised venipuncture draws.

  • Total Hours: 60 Hours
  • Lecture Hours: 36 Hours
  • Lab: 24 Hours
  • Length: 4 Weeks

Admission/Enrollment Policies for Phlebotomy Technician:

  • Be 18 years of age or older or 16 years of age with parental approval and a letter of recommendation.
  • Students must demonstrate visual acuity to read small numbers and letters to correctly label specimens
  • Pregnant students need to have a signed release from their physician
  • Students cannot be listed as unemployable on the Employee Misconduct Registry
  • A criminal background check is required
  • Tuberculosis skin tests are required
  • Hepatitis B series recommended
  • Tetanus recommended
  • Must have GED/High School Diploma

Fees & Tuition:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Registration Fee
  • Text Book- Phlebotomy Technician Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC
  • Workbook
  • National Testing and processing fee
  • Student starter kit, which includes lab supplies and scrubs.

Course Completion Requirements:

Must be able to demonstrate skills as taught in the clinical laboratory: i.e. Phlebotomy, Needle gauges, etc. Must complete the required course of study with a grade of 70% or better.  The student must complete 35 successful venipuncture along with 10 dermal punctures by the end of the course.

National Testing Requirements:

The student must complete the Phlebotomy Technician Course in order to be eligible to sit for the National Health Career Association (NHA) Exam. A written or computerized test will be given, consisting of multiple choice questions.The exam is proctored at our school and is approximately 1-2 weeks after graduation.

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